i) The Oracle

Olympias dreamed of lightning and fire
while Philip saw her bound within his seal
The son would throw the gangs onto the pyre
'til all the families were forced to kneel

An empire formed with power to command
grasped by the lion who held the flaming sword
Jealous eyes saw the riches all around
and conspired to take it from their liege lord

The son raising the clan to greater heights
His trusted generals conquering all
Shared goals soon disintegrate into fights
as prideful boasts leads those on high to fall

Empires will rise but none will ever stand
'gainst greed and blood and blows from traitor's hand

ii) The Teacher

A quiet lad who rose above the strife
He studied well and planned to change the world
Jagged visions of conflict ruled his life
As tempting fingers 'round his heart were curled

A family more used to blows than love
Twisted in form, relations full of hate
An iron hand without a velvet glove
telling him that violence was his fate

Still a sweet youth his father drew him in
Giving chances to lead men of his own
Moulding his mind until inured to sin
It hurt my heart to see such evil grown

He left my charge believing he should rule
A gentle boy turned into something cruel

iii) The Prosecutor

Twenty years old when fate raised up the son
As Philip lay in pools of steaming gore
Alexandros was the anointed one
The new boss planning to even the score

The golden youth tore at his hair and raged
Attacking servants who dared to come near
The lion's son his power now uncaged
As all around learned to disguise their fear

Calling his men he forced them to their knees
All swearing fealty to the young thug
Those in the manor did their best to please
the tyrant supping power like a drug

Needing revenge for Philip's early death
the gang lord did not pause a single breath

iv) The Prosecutor

The Asian manor prepared to defend
the source of gold that over time they'd grown
Troops were called on whom the boss could depend
to fight beside soldiers he called his own

Those men who spent their days in honest toil
prayed for a swift end to the senseless war
Across empty streets smoke began to roil
and enemies fell dying to the floor

The young Alexandros surprised them all
the speed with which he turned their dreams to dust
Those who begged advancement were in his thrall
and gave their lives to do with what he must

The gangster's boy had proved to be a man
All London town was soon within his span

v) The Oracle

The young lord spread his shadow over all
Taking a tithe from those who raped the land
Quiet corners saw beaten bosses crawl,
deciding which of them should make a stand

Philotas learned that there was a foul plot
He kept silent, wanting the conflict's end
Until, too late, he saw the bosses shot
A chance for peace broken ‘til none could mend

Philotas killed playing his waiting game
All saw that friendship carried just so far
The men left standing praised their master's name
While ambitious boys ran behind his car

Parmenion shot lest vengeance he take
Respect slowly won soon began to break

vi) The Priest

The battle won they called on me to bless
the joining of two houses full of woe
A vanquished lord gave up his sweet princess
to give the fragile peace a chance to grow

A shock to see that such as he could love
And yet Alexandros made it quite plain
Roxana now his wife was placed above
the men whose blood was spilled for empire's gain

Under bosses wanted to right the wrong
Soldiers began to plot against their lord
Alexandros believing that the throng
were cowed into submission by his sword

Unknown to him the end was soon to come
E'en at the time his wife bore him a son

Vii) The Priest

Soon I was called to pray by my lord's side
As he lay fevered in his mortal bed
Grasping the tiny hand of his new bride
Alexandros coughed once and then was dead

Roxane screamed out that her love had been slain
That traitor’s poison stole away his life
Soldiers dragged her from where her lord was lain
All knew that she was not long for this life

Warriors, once brothers, began to fight
each claiming to be the one to command
Alexandros had never named whose right
it was to hold the power o'er the land

The empire split as chaos took them all
London's underworld laughed to see it fall

viii) The Oracle

So I reach the ending of my fell tale
with words of caution for those yet to come
Better to reach for glory and to fail
than to succeed and spend time in the sun

For brightest burning heroes burn so fast
that what they build is consumed in the flame
Their empires grow but never shall they last
All that is remembered is but a name

And years from now in London's murky dives
When evil men plan secretly to kill
They will whisper about their heroes’ lives
How leadership can be a poison pill

That men should shield themselves from double cross
Or meet the same fate as Alexandros


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