Bottle Number Two

Hello Worlds!

Tomorrow (if I am a good girl) my Grandpa is going to give me a bottle for me to send a message out onto the World River!

It will be my first, and so I must consider what I want to say ...

My name is Lucille, and I am 10 years old. I live with my Momma and Poppa and with my Grandpa. I like roseberry fruit and watching the river.

My Grandpa told me that the World River is magic! The same river flows through many places and many times. People can explore the river, but they can only travel downstream, they can never come back. I like my house and I LOVE my family, so I am NEVER going to ride the river. But I will wonder where my bottle will end up.

My Grandpa is an important man, he is a scientist. It is his job to examine artifax (I think that is the word, it means things that wash up from the World River). He checks to see if they are dangerous or if they can be useful to the people of our town (oh it is called Stackville by the way!). When I grow older I want to learn how to check the artifax so that the bounty of the World River can be used.

Anyway, it is starting to get dark and Momma does not like it if I waste lamp oil, so I will have to finish now (while I can still see!). Like I said, this is my FIRST message in a bottle, I hope you liked hearing about me (although it was probably boring for someone who finds things on the World River!).

Whenever I can get a bottle (my Momma likes to save things that might be useful in the future) I will write a letter and send it downstream.

Be happy!



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