Bottle Number Three

Report 01:00421:79

Successfully negotiated the waterfall below Centrum. As planned I am broadcasting my report on all available wavebands and also printing for consignment to the waters of the World River.

I have not received any replies to my call sign, which supports the theory that each plateau is separate in time and space. I can only hope that, somehow, by whatever circuitous route, one or more of my flasks will eventually float past the scanners on the quayside of Centrum and be recovered by the RiverRider project.

The travelsphere was perfectly designed! While I was tossed and turned as I fell within the waters, I survived with not a scratch.

Subjectively I seemed to plummet within the waterfall for about 15 minutes, however it cannot be confirmed, as the dials on all of the chronometers spun as if they were compasses within a magnetic storm.

I finally splashed down into the deep pool beneath the falls, the travelsphere rising up to float upon the foaming waters. On opening the hatch I saw that, in this realm, the World River flows through what seems to be an uninhabited desert. In line with mission protocols I have staked the travelsphere to the banks of the river and I am planning an expedition into the interior tomorrow.

The heat here is dry, and unrelenting and so the plan is to trek for one day perpendicular to the river, one day parallel, and then return to the river. Therefore it will be at least four days before I return. If I encounter any habitation it could be longer.

I will seal this report within a flask and set it upon its own journey before I begin my exploration inland.

Wish me luck!

Saul Arkanth


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