Embarrassment Through The Ages

  One man in his time plays many parts ...

  The lover,
  Sighing like furnace ...

The young man gasps and pulls her near,
He wants to show the love he holds.
The girl is cool but oh so dear,
He moves too fast and so she scolds.

Sweet smells assail and drain his strength,
Until no more can he resist.
She warms and gently strokes his length,
The world descends into a mist.

Sinew and bone begin to melt,
Blood pounds and roars within his head.
‘Tis more than he has ever felt,
His manly globes feel filled with lead.

With mighty shout he grants his boon,
But to his shame it is too soon.

  Then the justice,
  In fair round belly ...

The Judge returns home from the court,
His wife awaits with purest hope.
Giving a glass of finest port,
She prays to God that he can cope.

A fine repast she has prepared,
To mark the years that have gone by.
In this she hopes she has not erred,
‘Tis the last thing that she can try.

Leaving him there to eat his food,
And calm his heart from its hard toil.
She changes clothes to suit the mood,
Anointing neck with scented oil.

Returning to her dear Felipe,
She cries to find him fast asleep.

  Last scene of all,
  That ends this strange eventful history ...

The balding man lies in his bed,
Doctor and nurse are just outside.
He has banished all thoughts of dread,
‘Neath hospice sheets he must reside.

Yet still of love he hopes and dreams,
And plans are laid for one last tryst.
Young men have aided in his schemes,
Money ensured she’d not resist.

Blue pills procured, safely taken,
Smiling he feels his passions rise.
Withered flesh begins to waken,
What once lay down praises the skies.

His children come to see him checked,
Coloured with shame ... He died erect!

  Oblivion, sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste,
  sans everything.


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