Green Grass

“The old home town looks the same”
lyrics spark in my brain
as I swim between the stars
There was no padre
no guard
just a surgeon…

Volition excised
strange attraction
wiped out
Leaving me
a meat machine
paying a debt
to a conglomerate
that doesn’t care

Time is strange
here in the Deep Dark
Decades pass during the span of a dream
While the consideration
of a calculation
can feel like aeons

According to
my internal clock
it is three hundred and twelve years
seven months
and two days
since I last received
an update

Three centuries
since last I heard a voice
If I wasn’t crazy then
I probably am now…
After all the years
it hardly seems possible
that my destination
looms large

A reddish sun
A world of brown and purple
And me

As I circle the pebble beneath
esoteric machines wake within my belly
Sparks of life
flicker once more

I the midwife
to the dreams of empire

A vibration travels down
my metal spine
and my body bursts
like a pomegranate

Ceramic pods
the seeds of a world
rain down
upon their new home

Leaving a skeleton
a brain
and nothing more

It is at this moment
the climax of my existence
that the depth of my punishment
becomes clear
Not trusting me
to faithfully carry out
their commands
over centuries of emptiness
no kill switch
was provided

I must circle
and watch
as poison slowly builds
in systems now surplus to requirements

An eye blink and I notice
far below
a smudge
a speck
a foothold of Earth
spreading across a new domain

I look again
purple is being defeated
a shock of green
shocks me

My plaque clouded memory
throws up that song once more
My theme song
Taunting me

A metallic taste in my mouth
Strange that I can taste
Why do I say that?
Why is everything black?
This morning I woke up
and it was still night
I must have been bad
because mummy has tied me
to my bed
I can’t move
but I’m happy
Through the window
I can see a big green ball
and I remember a song
from long ago…

One more sleep
just one more
and I’ll be walking
on the green
of home…


  1. Really enjoyed this. I don't usually enjoy poems that so obviously tell a story (I like pictures, glimses, impressions) but this combined both an intriguing storyline with some nice poetical touches.

    (Posted on 2011-10-25 08:18:00 by Wendy Simmons)
  2. Hi Dennis,
    Listened to this poem on Poetry Planet and loved it.

    (Posted on 2011-10-20 09:34:00 by Claus Malan)

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