Letter To Liz

Well Liz you're 80 now.
Don't you think it's time you went?
You can take the rest of the parasites too!
So, you pay tax now?
So bloody what!
Taxes from income "earned" on lands stolen from the people.
And we are supposed to be grateful?

OK Liz, so you can trace your lineage back to William I.
He wasn't called "The Conqueror" for nothing.
940 years of being ruled by invaders, is that a record?
If that's what a "stiff upper lip" gets us,
Give me an AK-47.

Liz, I escaped your various "Jubilees" by going on holiday.
On Republic Day I will host my own street party.
Sour Grapes and Bitter for the Monarchists,
Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pud for Republicans.
Oh, and Fairy Cakes for UKIP members.

So Liz, just let us know when you're going.

And remember to switch off the lights.


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