Nothing In This World Is Changing

(With apologies to Bob Dylan)

Come dig a deep bunker and never more roam
And admit that the sense of our leaders has flown
And accept it that soon all dissent will be gone
There's no politicians worth savin'
Then you'd better start running as they target your home
For nothing in this world is changing

Come sycophant writers who excuse with your pen
And keep your eyes closed and accept it again
And don't speak your minds but wallow in spin
And cannot see that it is shamin'
Oh the loser's brother helped him to win
For nothing in this world is changing

Come senators, congressmen, stand ‘gainst the wall
You didn't save one kid, didn't take up the call
For those that are dying while democracy's mauled
There's a battle outside and it's ragin'
You just close your windows and stick to your halls
For nothing in this world is changing
Come fathers and mothers throughout the world
Who don't understand why their children are killed
Cluster bombs that are dropped at the World Leaders will
And the Hawks who are rapidly agin'
Don't pick up that bright toy or you'll lose a hand
For nothing in this world is changing

The line it is drawn in deep desert dust
War economy's booming, the people are bust
Young men and young women to the front lines are thrust
And hope is rapidly fadin'
And the first ones now will forever stay first
For nothing in this world is changing


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