Omega Alpha

“Zanzibar is sinking into the ocean!”
Yelling people run back and forth in panic.
X-Rays of the earth attest to the fact that all is shifting.
While the earth was dying, we fiddled.
Vanuatu slips beneath the waves,
Umber plumes staining the azure sea,
Threatening coral, threatening all life.
Sycophants in high places stand like Canute,
Resigned to the fact that they can’t hold back the tide.
Quietly, politicians buy up the last remaining eyries;
Plans are made to defend them from “the people”.
Orthodox scientists sit and weep,
No one listened to them.
Multitudes wander,
Looking for some sign that all is not lost,
Knowing that it is too late.
Jostling crowds searching for sanctuary.
Indigo-clad troops guard food stores,
Hoping that they too will be fed.
Gargantuan cracks rend the earth,
For, while the seas rise, the water table falls,
Elsewhere water becomes brackish, undrinkable.
Death, in so many forms, stalks the earth;
Cutting a swathe across dustbowl farmland.
Bilious, I wake from my dream (my premonition?)
Although it may already be too late ...


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