Straight Tequila Night

Sudden movements of the heart,
Tend to cause whiplash of the soul.
Running from the last pileup,
Aimlessly speeding down life’s highway,
 I ignore all the warning signs.
Gunning the accelerator,
Heart pumping nitrous oxide, flames lighting up my exhaust.
T-junction up ahead, but which way to turn?

There’s a bar by the side of the road,
Electric sparks dripping from broken neon signs.
Quick, pull in here ...
Ushered to my seat by a faded barmaid,
 Injured soul showing through her worn dress.
Leaving me, she walks to the counter her heels clicking.
Another bar, the same people, all lost.

Needing something, some contact,
 I smile when she returns.
Grinning, she flashes perfect teeth, her face transformed.
Handing me my drink our fingers touch.
Tequila, another woman; one more night on the road.


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