Angels on the head of a pin,
Rotating with clockwork precision.
Endlessly repeating.

Watching, the All Powerful smiles.
Ever the optimist.

Myriad realities.
Options of uncountable variety.
Verdant horizons,
 Indigo dreams,
New life,
Growing ...

Time flashes.
Hours illuminated in strobe light.
Rolling seconds, frozen in amber.
Gargantuan possibilities,
Holding all.
Tempus fugit as tempers fly.
 Incompatible dreams.
Makeshift peace and the cycle begins again.
Energised, revitalised, reborn ... ?

Origami folds in the fourth dimension.
Reducing history to a paper flower.

 Individuals, each with their own story,
Swimming in a sea of remembrance.

Temporally disconnected,
 Immeasurably distant,
Meaning lost in the swirling mist.
Even universes die.

Motion continues,
Oscillating back and forth.
Vectors out of the was into the what may be.
 Infinite solutions to the same problem,
None more correct than the other.
Gaining justification through familiarity.

Thousands of nows join as one.
Hourglass trickles become a flood.
Ripeness is.
Opening its petals,
Unfolding itself,
Gradually revealing that which was always there.
Hemispheres join to form one unbroken whole.

Unafraid, a pink damp form crawls out into the light.
Silent tears of joy as it wonders “Who am I this time ... ?”


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