Unchain The Child

Sit up straight
Wash those hands
Quiet now we're talking

Hands up first
Put that down
Stop running, just try walking

Turn that off
Clean the yard
Music? It's just squawking!

We find a girl (or find a guy)
Get married and settle down
We have our dreams, plan for the kids
We move up in the town
The babies come, we love them well
While they are small and cute
But as they grow we rein them in
And try to choose their route
A good child has to know his place
To be seen and never heard
Hide away original thought
And follow every word
We teach them rules that they must mind
But forget them all ourselves
We forget too that we once railed
‘Gainst life stacked neat on shelves

It’s time to smash that ancient mould
And give the kids a chance
They shouldn’t have to rebel and run
Life’s not war, it’s a dance
Rules are there to protect and guide
Not to bind the kids in chains
Let them live, let them laugh
Develop hearts and brains

And when they grow, then we will see
An unbound tree grows tall
It will grow strong but flexible
And weather any squall
Our children are not “mini-me's”
To correct our past mistakes
They should fly on their own route
And leave us in their wakes
Swing on a tree
Play in the mud
Tell me what you’re dreaming

Try it out
Pick it up
Revel in laughing and screaming

Turn it up
Make a mess
I see you are just beaming


  1. Dear Dennis

    These poems are fantastic and I just feel you in every word. I loved every single one and would love to get my hands on a copy of the book. The first poem could have been written for what's happening here in the USA actually ... the world is such a small place.


    (Posted on 2010-10-25 15:21:00 by bea_amor)

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